Thursday, July 3, 2008


Babywearing has changed my life. I first discovered this method of baby transportation after the birth of my third baby in 1994. While we did have a stroller for my older two, we often ended up using the stroller to carry our stuff while we carried the babies. Babywearing made so much sense!

I tried a sling, but my favorite has long been the Baby Bundler. I'm not sure if they're being made anymore, but there are others out there that are made on the same principle of wrapping along piece of fabric around the baby and yourself. There are so many exciting new methods of babywearing out there today that I have not been able to try, but it brings great joy to my heart when I see someone walk by wearing their baby instead of putting them in the plastic baby buckets.

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Anonymous said...

As a 20 something with no kids who stayed with a friend when she had her child...

I cannot imagine why anyone in their right mind(and good health) wouldn't nurse, carry their baby or sleep with their baby. (They make foam things to protect the kid if your worried about squishing it.

There may be a million good reasons to wear your baby...but when I have kids mine will be shear lard butted laziness

Toni said...

It doesn't matter why you wear your baby... the important thing is your baby benefits!

I've often said the same thing about breastfeeding. It is so much easier to latch the baby on than mix and heat formula and sterilize bottles. :)

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