Monday, November 17, 2008

Help a Deserving Family Win a House!

There is a man in my city who is choosing to give away a house that he owns to a deserving family, provided there are enough entries to pay off the outstanding mortgage. What a wonderful gesture this is! People can vote for their favorite at, and on December 23, some lucky winner will become the owner of their own house.

There are so many people who deserve a break like this... and I include my own family in this number. We paid to register for this wonderful contest, and I have posted our story at the Free House Giveaway Voting Site.

I have a family of 8 wonderful children and a husband whom I adore. You can learn more about us in our story posted on this site. Please look for my posting name of "Tuwamare" or just the post that introduces us as the Rakestraw Family. Votes are cast by clicking on the little green "thumbs up" icon near the top of each post. The winner will be determined by who has the most thumbs up votes. In the case of a tie, they will be tallying the comments under the winning stories for support. So please, vote for us by clicking the green thumbs up icon by our story, and if you feel moved to, post a comment beneath our story.

If you haven't visited before, you'll need to set up an account. It is free, and only takes a moment or two.

Once you've finished setting up your account, or if you already have one, merely click on this link to go to the voting area. To find us, you'll need to scroll down through several comments and story entries. We sure appreciate your vote, and I will probably post about this a few more times before the contest is over. We could really use a house of our own! Thank you!

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